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  • How do I order?
    You may place your orders anytime online 24/7 on our website
  • Do you ship to my country?
    Yes, we ship Worldwide!
  • What are the forms of payments accepted?
    We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Unfortunately, we do not accept bank transfers or money orders. When placing an order, the correct billing address must be entered for the order to be approved. The billing address is the address registered on your account.
  • Does my order require verification?
    Some orders are subject to ZeeT Apparel's Online Verification procedure which means that, for your protection from credit card fraud or identity theft, we may ask you to verify that you're the card owner or that "order" and "ship-to" information are legitimate. This process rarely delays an order, and generally requires either ra simple call-back (which can be done after business hours) or by email. If your order requires Verification, we will advise you by phone or e-mail. This is why it's important that you leave both day and home phone numbers when ordering and that you keep your information current. It is also important that you understand what we mean by bill-to information on the checkout process. The bill-to address is the address to which your bank mails your monthly credit card statment. The bill-to address you give must agree with the address that the card issuing bank has on file. Please be sure you provide the correct information, even if the items are to be shipped to a different location.We regret that this is necessary, but it is designed to protect the card owner as well as the retailer.
  • Has my order been shipped?
    You will receive an email order confirmation once your order has been received, in addition, a shipping confirmation email will be sent once your order has been shipped. This confirmation will include the tracking number for your package.
  • Can I modify/cancel my order?
    Unfortunately, once your order has been processed we are unable to modify or cancel any order. When your order arrives, please follow exchange instructions for a store credit.
  • Do you restock products?
    We do our best to restock the best sellers. Please email us, if you need more information on a specific product.
  • Why is my product out of stock?
    Because of our quest to provide you with the latest in fashion we do not stock large quantities of any item. For this reason, we may not have the merchandise you have ordered. You will receive an email advising you of any out of stock items. Don't be sad, we update our site dailty with stuff that you will love.
  • What size should I order?
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